Career Clusters/Pathways 

                  offered in USD 312

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Career Cluster Pathway

  1. BioChemistry
  2. Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster Pathways

  1. Comprehensive Agriculture Science
  2. Power, Structural & Technical Systems
  3. Plant Systems

Architecture & Construction Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Construction & Design

Finance Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Business Finance

Human Services Career Cluster Pathways

  1. Early Childhood Development & Services
  2. Family & Consumer Services

Health Science Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Health Science

Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Career Cluster Pathways

  1. Visual Arts
  2. AV Communications

Government and Public Administration Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Government and Public Administration

Information Technology Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Programming and Software Development

Business Management and Administration Career Cluster Pathway

  1. Business Entrepreneurship and Management