Purpose of Curriculum & Development

USD 312 has a well-defined plan for developing curriculum to impact student learning. Patrons, parents, teachers, students, administrators, and the Board of Education collaborated to establish a Vision Statement that serves as a belief system for maximizing learning from which all curriculum and instructional activities flow. Exit Outcomes also establish broadly defined skills and knowledge, which will be required of students for successful living when they leave our schools.

The district has undertaken an aggressive curriculum plan in all subject areas. The plan is designed to provide continuous evaluation and updating of all curriculum so we can ensure students are receiving the latest knowledge and skills. It is a plan that is never-ending as the district adjusts to the requirements of modern life. The purpose of the written curriculum is:
to provide a consistent body of knowledge and skills for all students across the district to provide:

  1. continuity of required knowledge & skills when new teachers are employed stakeholders.
  2. a clear and concise accounting of knowledge & skills to be learned.
  3. continuity across grade levels to eliminate unnecessary duplication & gaps in student learning.
  4. a framework for adding missing outcomes important for student.