Travel Maps to Area Schools
City School Address Travel Directions from Haven School Website
Arkansas City 1200 Radio Lane West to Ark City
Belle Plaine 822 N. Merchant St. to Belle Plaine
Buhler 611 N. Main to Buhler
Campus 2100 W. 55th St. S.
Wichita (Haysville)
to Campus
Cheney 100 W. 6th St. to Cheney
Clearwater 1201 E. Ross Ave. to Clearwater
Conway Springs 607 W. Saint Louis to Conway Springs
Ellinwood 210 E. 2nd to Ellinwood
Eureka 815 N. Jefferson to Eureka
Garden Plain 720 N. Sedgwick St. to Garden Plain
Halstead 520 W. 6th St. to Halstead
Hesston 200 N. Ridge Rd. to Hesston
Hillsboro 500 E. Grand Ave. to Hillsboro
Hutch Trinity 1400 E. 17th Ave. to Hutch Trinity
Inman 404 S. Main St. to Inman
Kingman 260 W. Kansas Ave. to Kingman
Lyons 601 E. American Rd. to Lyons
Marion 701 E. Main St. to Marion
Nickerson 305 S. Nickerson St. to Nickerson
Pratt 401 S. Hamilton St. to Pratt
Pratt-Skyline 20269 W. Hwy. 54 to Pratt-Skyline
Pretty Prairie 204 E. Main St. to Pretty Prairie
Smoky Valley
1 Viking Blvd. to Smoky Valley
Sterling 308 E. Washington to Sterling


Haven Activity Map


**Maps courtesy of Google Maps